Solar Nails

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Welcome To Solar Nails

Address: 11204 Grandview Ave Unit A 

Wheaton MD 20902

located between Viersmill Rd and Reedie Rd on the 2nd floor

Phone Number: (301) 933-3733

Are your hands and feet getting the treatment they need?  Are your muscles sore and tight? Check yourself in for some total relaxation with us. Pamper yourself with luxurious spa mani-pedi service. Wait! how about the arcylic nails? We have it all shapes and sizes from colorful designs tips to free hand designs. Since your here might as well stretch out and enjoy a massage and don't forget to get all your waxing done. Our friendly, experienced staff will give you the treatment you deserve from the minute you walk in the door.

               Facial                                                 Eyelashes

Relax your facial skin with our               Natural eyelashes individual

30 minutes session mini facial.              strips look natural on your eyes.

The package includes facial                  Eyelashes start from     $20  and  up    

Massage and mask                                       Swedish  Massage                 

30 minutes session  $30                      Swedish style, relaxation massage for 

                                                             optimum tension and stress relief

                                                             1 hour session          $70


Under Arm                       $15                     Lip                                       $5

Half Arm                          $25                    Eyebrows                             $8 

Full Arm                           $35                    Chin                                      $10 

Half Leg                           $35                    Side Burns                           $10

Full Leg                            $50                    Full Face                              $30

Bikini                                $25

Brazillian                          $50   

Full leg with Bikini            $70

Half leg with Bikini           $55


Full service salon located in Wheaton Maryland
We specialize in nature nail, acrylic nail, waxing as well as skin care. Our goal is to provide high quality services in a relaxing environment with a great atmosphere for clients. For our commitment to cleanliness, we sterilize and sanitize equipment for all services. 

Natural Nails Service

Classic  Manicure:                                                                                       $10

Includes cuticle trim, buff, files, shaping and hand massage

followed with polish.

Solar  Pedicure:                                                                                           $30

Include buff, files, shaping, exfoliating scrub, hot towels, paraffin

dip treatment that leaves your skin soft and relax with massage.

Solar  Mani  and  Pedi  Combo:                                                                  $30

Both Classic manicure and Solar pedicure combined.

Solar  Manicure:                                                                                          $25

Classic manicure with gentle exfoliating yellow scrub

and minty clay mask wrap around the arms.

Solar  Deluxe  Pedicure:                                                                             $40

Solar pedicure with addition of calluses treatment

and yellow scrub combined with minty clay mask covered

the entire legs followed by relaxing foot massage.

Solar  Hot  Stone  Pedicure:                                                                      $30

Solar pedicure with additional foot massage using basalt

stones to relax the feet at deepest level and to create a

positive energy flow followed by more relaxing foot massage.

 Ultimate  Solar  Deluxe  Combo:                                                               $60

Solar Manicure combined with Solar Deluxe Pedicure.

Acrylic Service

Acrylic Fullset                   $22            Soak Off                       $10

Acrylic Refill                     $12            Repair                         $3 each

Pink and White Fullset     $45             Add French                   $5

Pink and White Refill         $35             Add Ge                       $10

Silk wrap fullset                $40             Cut down                     $3

Silk wrap fullset                 $30             2 nails Design               $5 


Subject to additional charges due to length and shape

                                        Gel Manicure

Manicure  with Gel            $30           Mani Gel Polish change     $20
Pedi Gel Polish change      $30         Pedicure  with Gel            $40

                                                            (last up to 2 weeks)

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